Mr Papers Calendar 2023


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It’s that time again. Celebrate (ha!) the New Year with a Mr Papers calendar.

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Who says you can’t buy happiness?

You can buy a year’s worth with the  Mr Papers 2023 calendar, A4 and bursting with colour and cheeriness!  12 of the best Mr Papers pictures created from newspaper and paint and reproduced here in glorious technicolor.

In addition to the fabulous pictures to gladden your heart, Mr Papers has added marvellous celebration days to each month so that you ALWAYS have something to look forward to!  Enjoy Give a Pigeon a Twiglet day, Ginger Cat Surprise event day, Gilded Bee Day not to mention Weasel Celebration and Bin Day.  2023 is going to be appalling make it better with this calendar!

Mr Papers recognizes how hard this year has been for you all, so he is including with each calendar one of his hilarious cards FREE of charge!!  You can’t choose the design; he will match the card psychically with your personality.

This calendar is professionally printed on quality paper and ring bound, satisfaction guaranteed! The price has not increased because Mr Papers knows how hard things are and just because he is a multi-millionaire himself doesn’t mean he can’t sympathise with the little people.


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